16 avril 2020

One word and you get horny as fuck my friend.

So it’s about time to draw some flowers on my breast you know, especially since there’s no one, litterally no one who would pick them up right now anyway. And what is there to pick up actually ? Dead dandelions among dead ravens ? There is nothing to pick up, there is nothing to smell. Vultures will come around, fly over our scattered dreams and they will stare at nothing. Because nothing is the melody of our breaths right now, because we struggle to breath in harmony. Loneliness makes it harder to fill our lungs. Do you have any lung by the way ? I feel like you grew up unable to swallow any air.

So, you said that you would lick my dandelions ? What a pity my friend. While you could end up eating lilacs and poppies, you prefer to taste the dandelions I painted on my tits. But why would you do that my friend ? Why would you do that ?
See, my breast is like a harvested field, so much people came over here by the past, so much people left without planting any seeds. I am not kidding when I say that the spring won’t hatch this year. It won’t hatch.

So, do you still think that it’s possible to bring back this lovely season ? May I be your season ? Let me hear your voice, it’s bringing me goosebumps. Do you know that during the fall there was a guy I do not know much about him you know but there was this pretty dude, who kept my melancholy aside while I was touching myself ? I was so horny back in time. Nowadays, I fuck with ghosts. Oh, not only, don’t make it sound that dramatic, I had plenty of nice times. Let’s remember this 10 square meter room across the ocean or even those two guys who shared my sheets before the lockdown, you know.

So, you still wanna pick up these dandelions ? If you do, pretty please, slap my face first and then choke me until I cannot breath anymore, make my body struggle like there’s no tomorrow. Tie me up and fill me with your fingers, put me on my knees and make me swallow your dick until it makes me forget this lockdown, make me forget that I should be far away right now, make me forget that any dandelion ever crossed my path. I’ve never stand the yellow of the sun anyway.


2 commentaires sur “16 avril 2020

  1. Oh lalala, tout en anglais de si bon matin. Mais c’est pas si facile… C’est plus facile de regarde les images. Très réussi.
    Tout à l’heure, je n’ai pas signé. Mais peut être trouveras-tu qui je suis. Bon, ok, y a un lien vers mon blog. Mais si t’as jamais cliqué sur le lien vers mon blog à partir de mon profil FL, ben ça changera pas grand chose. Bon, le prénom aura peut être tout simplement suffit, j’ai bien du signer quelques mp ainsi.
    Quoi qu’il en soit, je ne vais pas plus signer maintenant, mesure de compensation, parce que là, je m’apprête à lire maintenant, de si bon matin le texte en anglais… Et c’est pas si simple.


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