16 novembre 2020

If I ever knew where to start
Does it even start
Do I wanna start

Twas last october
Twas the pain’s fall
Twas my fault overall

November’s always been
To me, to my eyes and my ears
The worst month of the year

Season of fallen dads
Fallen leaves and failing lads
Everone tends to disappear
When the sun won’t bother
To shine anymore

And I used to believe
Oh my, oh dear
I used to believe
Through origamis and tracks
Nearby Bristol and somewhere in the south
Near Madrid maybe, places I do not know
I used to believe my dear
Used to think that maybe
Twas a place, twas a time
A second of hysteria
A minute of brightness
And hours of colors
I used to believe
That our beautiful sights
At the end of the dawn
Wouldn’t stop
At all

How naive, how stupid
Was I
I should know already
What is astonishing
Is the last and the least
For a while obviously
But this while is empty
And all over again
It starts and it goes

Wishing for an embrace
When I can’t even hold
The single idea
That the ones that I care
Will vanish through the breath
Of the eternal embrace
Of a last but not least

Of november’s wind.


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